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All of God’s promises
Yes and Amen!

 We promise to help you train up your child in the way they should go so they are our promise for a better tomorrow!

About Promise

About Us

Six years ago, Everly Promise Kirkland, my daughter's second child was born.  At that point Everly Promise's sister Lila, was 2 years old and I decided I wanted to relaunch my preschool that I had when my children were young.  The following year Promise Preschool opened!  I named our school after my granddaughter!  Promise preschool has been flourishing for the past 5 years!  Two years ago, as my granddaughters were aging out of the preschool, I added the Next-Step Class, our homeschool class for ages 5 and up! 


Promise School is a homeschool preschool in Chandler and a homeschool class for your child’s next steps in life. We focus on the heart of a child, encouraging good character while fostering a love for learning! At Promise Preschool we utilize the C.A.P. learning method, which is Christian Academic Play-based Learning. We love to pre-stage imaginary playtime for a fun learning experience. Creative imaginary play is a child's way to better grow and understand the world around them!


Jesus said let the little children come to me for such is the kingdom of heaven!  At Promise School your child will come to know Jesus more as we strive to reflect his heart of joy and grace.  We will sing and play, read and write, while learning that "sharing is caring" and "a friend loves at all times!"  We honor one another while learning the appropriate age related core and extra-curricular academics!  Our C.A.P. learning method and honor attitude, coupled with a 6 to 1 maximum student-to-teacher ratio makes Promise Preschool effective, fun and God-centered!

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(Parent Drop-off) Play-time inside:  (free play with toys mixed with teacher interaction with puzzles, month-themed-folders or board games)

8:50- 9:10am

Bible & Lesson Time: Bible story or animal God devotion; Scribbles, our puppet, introduces the lesson; the pledge of allegiance.

9:10- 9:30am

Circle & sensory Time: based off of lesson- learn to draw letters, numbers, shapes on their own chalkboards or use Math manipulative, learn the days of the week, weather, holidays of that month…all while using our 5 senses to solidify a concept.

Outside play time: free play and outdoor group games and simple sports.

9:30- 9:50am


Learning Activity Project/Craft:  Related to the letter, number, holiday or monthly theme.

10:10- 10:25am

Snack-time (manners) reflection/ reading questions and answer time or short 3 min video.


Music Time (with instruments, scarves, dinosaurs, dance and sing songs).

10:40- 11am

Guided Play- games, Lego's, play dough. (Parent Pick-up)

Flexible After Care Hours

AFTER CARE- available for an additional fee.







Promise Preschool is for children ages 3-5 years old that are potty trained. Class is from *8:30am-11am on Tuesday's and Thursday's.



Promise Next Steps is for kids ages 6+ years old . Class is from *8:30am-11am on Friday's.



After care is offered after  both the Preschool and Next Step class days.
An additional charge will
be applied.

Promise Preschool - 3

Program Pricing



Tuition: $190/mo

Registration: $60 

Re-enrollment: $40



Tuition: $90/mo

Registration: $20 

Re-enrollment: $20



(aftercare hours may vary)

Promise Preschool - 12
What we Promise?

What we Promise:

  • Our promise is to help train up children in the way they should go so they become promises for a better tomorrow!

  • We promise to honor one another.  Honor: Treat each other as special, do good and be kind.  This definition of honor is repeated to help remind your child of who they are; a child of God, and what they do; reflect His love.

  • Our class size is small as we want to build relationships and be able to do more hands-on activities with each child. Our maximum is six children to one teacher. This makes us effective, fun, and God-centered! We truly believe that the joy of the Lord is our strength and that...

"All of God’s promises are Yes and Amen! "

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Parents Recommend

Laurie has been a huge blessing to my little girl every week! She is not just a babysitter or caretaker but a TEACHER who pays attention to the character of my child and plans activities to meet her needs every week. I can PROMISE you that Promise Preschool is full of the love and guidance every child needs!

Brittany F.

August 2019

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Laura Headshot

Laura Walker

Laura is a 25 year homeschool teacher veteran with 4 thriving adult children and 1 Junior in college who has his pilot’s license (soon to be a commercial airline pilot!). Laura has 6 grandchildren, two who are in her in-home Promise programs!


When her own children were preschool age she had a wonderful little Christian “Happy Day” preschool in her home 3 days a week!  They learned to love God by reading his word, honoring one another, (a friend loves at all times) and learning their ABC’s and 123’s with ease! 


Later in Laura’s life, when her children were much older, she wrote the curriculum for the children’s church at Bethel Chandler for 4 years! Laura has a degree from ASU in Journalism emphasis in Public Relations. She loves children. She has taught them at church for a couple of decades, as a substitute teacher,  in her home Preschools, Happy Day and now Promise Preschool for the last five years. Promise Preschool developed as a homeschool in Chandler AZ.

Laura thanks God for all His promises are “yes and amen”!  She believes parents and their children are all promises for a better tomorrow and will do her part to help her students learn and grow in Jesus mighty and wonderful name! Amen! So be it! 

Crystin (front and center) is married to Mitch. They have two teenage children, Jamie and Justin, whom they homeschool. Jamie is very artistic and Justin is interested in computer coding.  


Dana (back left) is married to Lucas with 4 children eight years old and under.  She homeschools all her children and is the worship leader at her church.


Jenna (far right) is married to Mykol and they will soon have their first child- a boy! Jenna loves playing the piano and singing.  She is an Interior Designer.

Chad (right side ) loves fishing, football and basketball.  He is a Quality Assurance Manager at an Aerospace manufacturing company in Gilbert. 


Jeremiah (far right) has his pilot’s license and is going to college and flight school to become a commercial airline pilot.  He also works part-time at a local airline as an operations agent. 


Tom (far left) is Laura’s husband and he loves his family!  He is a construction business developer for a local service company, loves sports and going to the gym.



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